Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And the countdown begins

So is everyone probably knows, my husband is on deployment. He left in September for a 7 month deployment. That 7 months is almost over. I am so excited and so happy that this deployment is almost over and that soon my son will be able to hug his dada again very soon. I haven't been so great at the blogging thing, but I've been so busy with so much going on.

We've had a lot of stuff going on with Jesse and the school. We had some problems come up within the past month and so I've been trying to take care of all of that. We're also loaded down with doctor appointments and therapy appointments. We've been sick quite a bit this winter and now the pollen is here so allergy and sinus problems are here to make us miserable.

Jesse is doing great, no wait fantastic is more like it. His therapists are great and do a wonderful job showing me what I can do at home to keep it going. Jesse is a lot more verbal now and it's finally hit me that my little boy is growing up. I can't believe he's going to be 4 this July. Where has the time gone?

Well that's about it for an update right now. I've got to get ready to pick Jesse up from school and get him some lunch, then it's off to therapy.