Friday, May 29, 2009

Endocrinology appointment

Jesse had an appointment to see how his thyroid meds are working and I'm glad to say they are working great! There is no need to change the dosage or anything. Now all we have to do is have labs done every 4 months or so to make sure the meds are still working.
We have our annual I.E.P. appointment next Wednesday so I will be sure to post about that experience sometime next weekend. I'm sure it will be an interesting appointment since I'm bringing an advocate. I'll post about why later. For now though it's almost 1am and I need to get the trash out and get my butt to bed. 6am comes early around here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

An update just for Pam!

So I have been informed by someone that she needs her Jesse fix. So here we go with an update. Tony came home last month. I have never been so happy to see his ship come into sight. We didn't have the dream homecoming moments I had hoped for because there were a lot of problems Tony had to deal with on the ship before he could come off. It bummed me out, but it's ok because eventually I got my husband back and took him home and we had him for an entire 2 weeks to ourselves. No work, just time for the 3 of us. Jesse has been so attached to his dada since he's been home. Jesse cries when Tony gets his shoes out to walk the dog. Jesse is showing off his signing and talking skills for his dada all the time which is great! Jesse is also showing off his bad side to dada which dada doesn't like, but I think is the funniest thing ever. Remember I've been dealing with it by myself for 7 months so I've learned to deal with it and not get so angry so when Tony gets frustrated and angry all I can do is

We are getting ready to go in for our annual IEP meeting which I like to call the meeting from hell, but this one should be better. We are bringing reinforcements. We are bringing an advocate from the naval hospital and she doesn't put up with bs. The teacher is kissing our asses now as she understands how unhappy we are with the school. I gave her paperwork we got from the hospital and I made sure to highlight key points in there where they mention what the school is doing wrong. Is that wrong of me? I think it's great! Since then the teacher has been doing her best to kiss our asses and tell us how great it is to have Jesse in class and how great he's doing. I think it's a little late for all the ass kissing, but who

Tony has gone back to work since Jesse has gone back to school and it's been kind of rough. Jesse comes running out of his bedroom in the mornings calling for dada and looks all over for him then gets real upset that dada isn't here. It breaks my heart, but I am sure he will get used to dada having to go to work soon.

We are trying to figure out what all we should do for season passes this year. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is about an hour away and has opened up a Sesame Street park inside for kids. We are thinking about getting season passes to give us something to do as a family. We are also talking about a year family pass to the Virginia Zoo. It's not the greatest zoo, but it's the closest one to us and Jesse loves going there. It just doesn't compare at all to the zoos I've been to in the past, but Jesse doesn't know any better yet. Maybe by the time he notices that our zoo sucks, we'll be stationed somewhere else with a better zoo. I can hope

Well, I think I'm done updating for now. It's about time to get lunch ready for lil' man. I'll try to do better updating. I'm sure Pam and others will keep me on my toes asking for updates. Until next time here is some cuteness for ya. One of the pics is of Jesse and Tony's dad who came down to surprise Tony when he came home from deployment. I just love Jesse in his sailor hat and