Monday, April 22, 2013

Homeschooling on a budget (A few tips and tricks)

First of all I'd like to start out by saying Jesse is in 1st grade and since he has Down syndrome it's kind of hard to just go buy a curriculum for a 1st grader that would be tailored to him. Not to mention the state of Michigan sets the bar pretty low for what they expect. So, I've made my own curriculum for him using some ideas from online and from books I get at Barnes & Noble. I have a membership so I get deals and in addition to that when you buy a work book cut the pages out with a razor blade. Then you can make copies of the pages and get more use out of each book. I do worksheets with Jesse every day and sometimes when he needs a little extra time on a specific area we do the same worksheet a couple times a week until he gets the hang of it. So even though I might spend $10 for a work book, I'm making copies of the pages and definitely getting my money back.

Another great resource is Pinterest. If you don't have an account set up with them I suggest to everyone to get one. From recipes, crafts, DIY, fashion, & education it's all there. I swear you will be addicted once you start. Anyway, just go to Pinterest and search under education or kids. There are a ton of resources and ideas on there. Here's my education board. Check it out to get an idea of the things you can find. it's an amazing website and I promise you that you will be able to find a ton of things to help you homeschool your child.

Anyway there are some tips and resources for ya for now. I'll start posting more specific and in depth things we do here at home.

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