Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jesse and the Living Museum

A friend of mine Laura and I took Jesse to the Virginia Living Museum here in Newport News yesterday and let me tell you Jesse had a blast! Laura had decided that I don't have enough pics of Jesse and I together because I'm always the one behind the camera. She took pics all day. I figured I post some to show how much fun we had. I think I'd have to say his favorite part was a toss up between looking at the fish and sitting in the eagle nest.


mom2noah said...

Wow what fun. I can't wait for Noah to be more mobile so we too can enjoy fun things like a Living museum. How is Jesse doing with spoon feeding? Have a nice weekend.

PS. I wasn't able to watch video from my work computer. Will check it out tonight from home computer.

So This Is Blogging... said...

Oh how fun! Jesse sure looks like he's having a blast there. It's nice to have a place to take him close that is so "hands on"!
Mommy looked like she was having fun too ;)

Huggggssss & Kisses

Love Grammy & Grampy

Shelley said...

I just found your blog and just wanted to say hi! We're also a military family and we live at Ft. Eustis. My 4 year old has Ds. Anway, just wanted to say hi!

Wendy said...

I found your blog through a friend (Shelley). We have two little girls who also happen to be chromosomally enhanced. We live right around here as well and like to visit that very same turtle at the Virginia Living Museum. Maybe we will run into each other!


Christine said...

You have an adorable little boy! Looks like he had fun!

Jenib said...

Awww, this looked like so much fun. It's great to see you smile too.