Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just a quick update from the Baker homefront

Jesse and I are doing amazing! Life has thrown us some serious curve balls the past few years, but we came out on top.

I have been homeschooling Jesse since October due to our school system being horrible here in this small town. I was nervous about starting the homeschool process, but I soon realized it's not really any different than what I've always been doing with Jesse. The only difference really is that I now don't have any break from Jesse. He has made so much progress since I've been homeschooling it's crazy. It really proved that he wasn't getting what he needed from the school and his teacher this year. I tried to fight for what Jesse needed, but due to neither side willing to budge and Jesse being terrified of school I chose to pull him out.

I plan to start blogging regularly again to share our journey in homeschooling and just share all things Jesse. I mean come on who can get enough of this kid? I sure can't. He's great!

Anyway, I'm back and hoping to try to do at least 1 new blog every week.

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