Monday, July 13, 2009

ABC’s and turning 4

We are 4 now! Jesse had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Tony put aside his gaming and I put aside twitter and face book. We watched Signing Time, played, and had lots of cake and ice cream. I think it was the perfect day. We decided not to do a big birthday party like last year because we might not have another birthday with Tony home and wanted to spend it together without all the commotion of a bunch of kids running around. We went through pictures of Jesse through the past 4 years and remembered how small and sweet he was. We watched the videos of the first time he crawled and the first time he walked. It was so good to just sit and go through all the old pictures and videos, but it was kind of sad to know that my sweet boy that was happiest laying on mommy’s chest is now grown up and just wants to run and play. Jesse has made so much progress this past year. He amazes me every day with his accomplishments.

Now onto the ABC’s. When school got out in June I really started to focus on the ABC’s with Jesse. In just a month he now knows the entire alphabet and sings them by himself with no prompting. If you write a letter he will tell you what it is and is so proud of himself every time he does it. Of course that probably has something to do with the fact that I pretty much always make a big deal out of it like he just got done doing his first night as lead role on a big Broadway production. I’m his mom though so I’m supposed to do that right? Well, I do and he loves it! Now I have to give credit where credit is due and say that none of this would be possible without Rachel Coleman and the ABC Signs dvd from the Signing Time Series. This has been one of Jesse’s favorite dvd’s for a while now. I just can’t say enough about Signing Time. It has helped Jesse so much and has become a very important part of our days here in the Baker house.

It’s lunch time for us so it’s time to get this posted and get to cooking. Will update again soon.

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